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What Makes Us Unique

Backed by four decades of intensive government collaboration, HVH utilizes its sophisticated proprietary AI/machine learning platform known as SCIPHER™. With profound expertise in modeling, simulation, and wargaming, we optimize business strategies globally. For each project, we combine advanced data science with the expert evaluation provided by our distinguished on-staff medical professionals. In addition to presenting clients with concrete evidence, we are committed to helping them consider the strategic implications of our analysis, and to offering actionable recommendations.

Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of problem solvers and industry experts in medical diagnostics, healthcare information, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Together, they bring a unique and differentiated approach to overseeing the relevance and interpretation of results. Ultimately, HVH can predict outcomes with great accuracy for each challenge a client presents. The methodologies we use are validated and market-proven.

Our Mission

With widespread roots in healthcare, we leverage predictive analytics driven by our evidence-backed, machine-learning platform to explore new insights that were never conceivable before. Expanding our reach across all markets, we use AI to provide the right information at the right time, to help clients make critical business decisions.

“At HVH, we bring to our clients the single most necessary ingredient to any type of creative achievement—thinking differently. With a balance of thinking styles, backed by an innovative machine learning platform, we work with clients to help them see connections that previously may have eluded them.”

Company Legacy

HVH’s rich heritage began with the pioneering work of the team that invented the support vector machine class of algorithms in the 1990s. In addition we are leveraging our 40 years of experience working in close collaboration with U.S. intelligence and defense communities. Today, our reach extends outside the healthcare market, as organizations of every size and type seek our sophisticated technology and guidance.

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What is SCIPHER?

HVH’s sophisticated proprietary SCIPHER artificial intelligence and machine learning platform integrates disparate global data resources, leveraging knowledge transfer techniques to compensate for the weaknesses of individual data resources. SCIPHER provides actionable insights that help our clients to ask the right questions to generate the answers they need to make informed decisions with greater confidence.

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