Our groundbreaking proprietary AI/machine learning platform is powered by SCIPHER™

History of SCIPHER

The SCIPHER platform (its name derived from SCIentific deciPHERing) originated with the pioneering work of the team that invented the support vector machine class of algorithms in the 1990s. HVH has been building on this historic work and refining the platform’s use in the healthcare setting. Our in-house team includes physicians and data scientists who oversee clinical relevance and the interpretation of results.

Today, clients across a wide spectrum of companies and organizations are using our refined real-world platform. With SCIPHER’s predictive analytics and AI, we provide insight that helps our clients to ask better questions that generate the answers they need to make informed decisions with greater confidence.

History of SCIPHER

Changing the Industry

At HVH, we take seriously our role in helping clients find the best answers to questions they don’t know they should be asking. Our SCIPHER platform is data agnostic and takes in volumes of global real-world data—any kind, from any source—then integrates and processes it with our client’s data assets. HVH selects the optimum set of data resources (claims, electronic medical records, prescriptions, imagery, sales, social media, socio-economic, environmental, etc.) for each project, based on the questions to be answered and insights to be provided.

HVH’s SCIPHER platform can deliver event predictions and notifications in near real-time (within 24 to 48 hours). This immediacy is significant, particularly when clients are tracking patient and physician behaviors, because it enables them to take prompt, meaningful action.

How We're Different


The SCIPHER platform is customizable


SCIPHER integrates disparate global data resources


SCIPHER delivers real-time event alerts