Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer

Wayne, PA

Company Description

HVH Precision Analytics leverages the power of sophisticated analytics, the breadth of healthcare big data and our deep therapeutic-area expertise to provide a unique and unmatched suite of services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our proprietary ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze the journeys of known patients to inform the early diagnosis of undiagnosed patients is revolutionary in the healthcare market, and helps our clients maximize their ability to find and engage patients.

HVH was built out of a unique partnership between Perspecta (formerly Vencore and Lockheed Martin), a premier provider of analytics solutions for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities, and Havas Health & You (part of Vivendi Group), a global strategic communications partner to most of the world’s largest biopharma companies.

We utilize the most comprehensive medical claims, healthcare records and consumer datasets available and tailor a blend of cutting-edge algorithms, analytic techniques, and machine learning to paint an accurate picture of patient journeys and populations and the social determinants of health. HVH’s solutions help our clients gain insights not previously possible; we are connecting patients to therapies sooner and positively impacting lives.

Our healthcare analytic service offerings include:

  • Undiagnosed Patient Discovery
  • Patient Journey Analysis
  • Clinical Trial Analysis
  • Therapeutic Market Sizing Analytics for Health Communication Optimization Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Job Description:

Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer to design, implement, and deploy advanced machine learning / artificial intelligence algorithms and solutions across multiple domains including but not limited to healthcare, media, retail, and manufacturing. Responsibilities will involve developing solutions to support HVH’s existing platform and providing solutions to support client needs and other business needs. The professional will be a member of HVH’s analytics team.

Job Requirements:

Proven (and demonstrable) ability to develop, implement, and deploy advanced machine learning / artificial intelligence algorithms applicable across multiple domains and platforms processing multi-terabytes of data.

Required Skills

The skills required for this position are listed below:

  • PhD in any of the following majors: Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Physics
  • Recognized expert in machine learning / artificial intelligence with peer reviewed publications
  • Client interface and presentation skills
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following programming languages:
    • Python (pandas, scikit-learn, Numpy, Scipy)
    • R (machine learning packages)
    • Julia
    • Java
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following machine learning frameworks:
    • MXNet
    • Tensor Flow
    • AWS Sagemaker
    • Microsoft CNTK
    • Flux
    • AWS (Redshift)
  • Consideration will be given to independent software projects completed, and nonproprietary code authored by the candidate