Customer Story

Clinical Trial Recruitment for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

Industry: Healthcare

The Challenge

  • Locate eligible patients for an HCC clinical trial​
  • Understand the variability in treatment types, patterns, referrals
  • The patients were difficult to reach because there were transitions in care between oncologists and interventional radiologists based on the progression of disease

Our Approach

  • Define patients with HCC in intermediate or advanced stages of disease
  • Identify key events (biopsies, treatment with sorafenib etc.) in the patient journey to enable recruitment
  • Understand referral patterns from primary providers to oncologists and interventional radiologists, and KOLs
  • Utilize the client’s inclusion/exclusion criteria to include higher quality clinical trial candidates into the top of “the funnel”

Our Outcome

Provided the client with

  • Granular demographics & locations of their precise clinical trial-eligible patients
  • RWE-based patient journey across providers, types of treatment​
  • Geographic differences in HCC treatments


The client utilized the findings to (1) develop a targeted clinical trial recruitment plan, and (2) alter its understanding of the patient journey (HVH was able to demonstrate that client assumptions about which providers were involved in specific phases of disease were incorrect).