Customer Story

Confirming Diagnosis and Treatment Effectiveness Via EMR Review

Industry: Healthcare

The Challenge

  • Investigate Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy ​(CIDP) and Pure Motor CIDP with focus on the effectiveness of corticosteroids
  • Consider correctly diagnosed, undiagnosed, incorrectly diagnosed and Pure Motor CIDP patients​
  • Confirm claims diagnosis with KOL review of EMRs

Our Approach

HVH’s analysis will highlight the downstream consequences of delayed diagnosis, delayed initiation of CIDP treatment in general, and corticosteroid treatment in particular, on functional outcomes (e.g. need for assistive devices) and healthcare costs of CIDP

Our Outcome

  • Inform the understanding of common diagnosis / misdiagnosis trends and the efficacy and cost implications of diagnoses and treatment regimens​
  • Deliver detailed sub-population patient journeys and healthcare cost analysis for current standard of care
  • HVH’s analysis helps to establish baseline foundational knowledge and targeting information for medical education regarding recognition and diagnosis of CIDP


The client plans to leverage HVH’s in depth analytic insights to help improve timely and accurate diagnosis of CIDP. The analysis will help bring attention to the significant downstream impact a delayed diagnosis can have on cost of care and quality of life.