Customer Story

Developing a Standardized Global Clinical Trial Database to inform Influenza Development Strategy

Industry: Healthcare

The Challenge

  • Clinical development for influenza therapies is challenging given that trends, outcomes and vaccine information vary greatly globally​
  • Planning, including site selection, is limited by lack of insight – no central repository exists today that contains an exhaustive list of up-to-date information on this topic
  • As the client continues drug development in the influenza space, they were looking to develop a decision tool and database to support global clinical trial site selection​

Our Approach

Gather detailed information by country on the current landscape of influenza vaccines, trends, regulations and outcomes through qualitative analysis and data mining over a 3-year study period​.

  • Initial Phase – Gather and curate international influenza information and provide recommendations for locating global clinical trial sites based on multiple disease state and country regulatory factors​
  • Years 2 and 3 – Provide additional site location recommendations based on disease and country specific dynamics

Our Outcome

  • HVH created a database and analytical platform, accessed through an interactive web portal, to be used as a resource to inform an international clinical trial strategy and execution​
  • Provides country-level insight into investigators and trial sites, including profiles and patient numbers, to build a global strategy


The client has strengthened their international influenza clinical trial strategy and improved decision making around study execution given their use of the interactive web portal. Future data refreshes will enable up-to-date analysis of the current state of influenza research trends, guidelines, and product usage, to enable changes in strategy and to help plan for future studies.