Customer Story

Identifying Vascular Ehlers Danlos (vEDS) Patients in the Absence of an ICD Code

Industry: Healthcare

The Challenge

Understand ​

  • geographic distribution of patients​
  • providers involved in care
  • true market size ​
  • This subset of Ehlers Danlos patients do not have a specific ICD 10 code​
  • These patients are often diagnosed too late and die from the catastrophic complications of this disease

Our Approach

  • HVH created a complex patient definition to pull the vEDS population out of a claims database of ~190M patients​
  • HVH projected incidence/prevalence of the disease overall, as well as the complications of the disease and procedures conducted to treat the patients​
  • HVH provided detailed analysis to support HEOR modelling

“HVH successfully identified the vEDS subset of patients, which supported the client in building an early access program, establishing centers of excellence, and obtaining precise HEOR modelling.”

Our Outcome

  • Broadened the understanding of vEDS natural history, burden of illness, patient locations
  • Delivered analysis to support the placement of vEDS centers of excellence​
  • Provided a list of providers (and associated NPI numbers) caring for the identified patients
  • HVH’s analysis provided a Total Addressable Market (TAM) and geographic analysis of the patient population