Customer Story

Segmenting Crohn’s Patients by Complication Type to Improve Treatment

Industry: Healthcare

The Challenge

  • Investigate therapy for complex fistulas secondary to Crohn’s Disease
  • Segment a disease that cuts across several diagnosis codes
  • This complex disease did not fit into one ICD10 code, but rather blended across many

Our Approach

HVH provided the analysis that sub-segmented the population by location and severity of fistula. In addition to providing an understanding of the instance of Crohn’s-related fistulas, HVH provided the analysis that facilitated the client’s successful capital raise in a public offering.

“The client successfully raised funds, submitted an orphan drug application that was successful, and engaged HVH for additional analysis work.”

Our Outcome

  • Broadened the understanding of Crohn’s complications by providing an accurate understanding of incidence and prevalence of fistulas
  • Delivered precise market size figures to drive financial forecasting​
  • HVH’s analysis provided a Total Addressable Market (TAM) and geographic analysis of the patient population
  • HVH’s analysis was submitted in support of the client’s FDA orphan drug application