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Our refined, evidence-backed healthcare solutions bring deep insight to the surface. Now we can help you formulate better questions based on what your patients need, aside from what you think they need. We’ve bundled our capabilities into a few packaged solutions specifically for the healthcare industry. Take a closer look at the innovative solutions we offer our commercial, clinical, hospital, payer, and academic and research clients.


A Bit More About Our Solutions:

Take a closer look at the innovative packages we offer our commercial, clinical, hospital and payer clients.


Gain insight into the demographics of the patients you are targeting. Identify a specific cohort based on such general stats as geography, age, gender, symptomology, labs, procedures, historical diagnosis, provider visits, prescribed medications, and the patient’s length of time in the database. SCIPHERsight can help you discover what is different about the way a group of patients is being diagnosed or treated versus the facts and figures for the general population.

View a visual depiction of your patient population’s journey to the point of diagnosis—a process that in some cases (particularly among rare diseases) can take several years and includes many variables. We show you the data in a way that makes sense and provides useful insights. Trace patient paths from first reported symptom, to the various providers patients visit, throughout treatments, and more. Ultimately, gain insight into how a patient arrived at the point of receiving an accurate diagnosis. With SCIPHERpath, get smarter about looking at the patient journey, leading to appropriate treatment sooner.

Home in on the specific patient population that will benefit from the drug you are bringing to market. SCIPHERscope combines real-world data including patient forecasts, prevalence, and incidence; as well as information about competitive products and treatment-switching metrics. There are nearly 350 million people in the U.S.; we have 270 million patients in our datasets. Our methodology enables us to cohort match at an extremely granular, geographic level—rather than by ratio only.

Pinpoint patients who have been diagnosed with the specific disease states you are targeting. Obtain detailed information about the physicians treating these patients and the number of patients in their care, meeting the criteria. Customers find our monthly data updates are especially helpful during new-drug launch planning, or immediately following launch. Optimize your sales force by gaining insight into a physician’s behavior over time. Deploy your resources to the doctors treating patients who need your drug, and those physicians who are most likely to start prescribing or switching to your new drug.

Find a specific subset of physicians whose prescribing behavior matches your criteria. With SCIPHERdoc, look at what point doctors prescribe a specific drug, when they switch patients from one drug to another, and how they transition patients between medications. This product may help to accelerate the rate of referral.

Help patients get access to your drug as soon as possible after diagnosis, so they get the treatment they deserve quickly. SCIPHERalert notifies you within days that a patient has been newly diagnosed with the disease state you are targeting. This automated alert enables you to touch base with the prescribing doctor in a matter of days versus several months. SCIPHERalert is especially valuable when you are competing in a tight market for a relatively small patient population.


When you’re designing clinical trials for phases 2 and 3, it’s critical to ensure your criteria include as many of your target patients as possible. Rather than looking at published papers or small sample sets to project nationwide data, SCIPHERdesign looks at the real nationwide data. This tool provides insight as to how you might adjust the design of your criteria in such a way that you’ll have a larger population pool available.

Confirm whether or not you will find your target patient population in specified countries. Identify your partner institutions and physicians who may be caring for these patients to learn if they might consider participating in the clinical trial with you. In addition, learn if there is competition for that patient in a geography where many other trials are being conducted.

Identify a specific physician treating diagnosed patients who meet your criteria. Furthermore, predict how many more of this physician’s patients will be diagnosed with the disease state as you move through the clinical trial. Patients who are recently diagnosed are more likely to enroll in clinical trials.

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