Patient Data Helps Doctors Develop New Treatments for Rare Diseases

Date: 07/12/2019

HVH Precision Analytics shared how health care professionals are using new technologies to develop cutting-edge treatments for patients in this 2019 Rare Disease Day print insert in USA Today.

Oodaye Shukla, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, commented on how technological developments have helped improve the treatment of rare disease, “As health technology becomes more powerful, we are beginning to leverage vast amounts of collected patient data to proactively find undiagnosed patients and shorten the time to diagnosis. This has been accomplished by applying scalable analytics such as AI and machine learning on data sources such as healthcare claims, genomics and prescription data. These technologies are now mature enough to enable earlier diagnosis of these patients hidden in health care databases.

After a patient has been diagnosed with a rare disease, the next step is to apply the best therapy. Most rare diseases have a genetic cause. Genetic therapy holds great promise to cure certain rare diseases permanently rather than addressing its symptoms.”