What is SCIPHERaccess?

Date: 11/01/2019

What is SCIPHERaccess?

Created from trusted defense-grade machine learning experience, SCIPHERaccess is a sophisticated, self-service platform that gives clients the ability to perform analyses of real-world data and real-world evidence on industry-leading data assets to help guide business strategy and make well-informed decisions. Various data points across nearly 200 million patients enable users to design custom patient profiles and predict patient and physician behaviors. The data is real – not synthesized – to deliver actionable insights in real time.

What sets SCIPHERaccess apart from the others?

Unrivaled access to the most sophisticated artificial intelligence
HVH’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform evolved over 40 years from world-class U.S. Intelligence Community programs and is refined for use in health care settings

Immediate access to customized, real-time data extractions
Answers and actionable insights are available in the moment, increasing collaboration, control, and customization, empowering all stakeholders with consistent information.

Business intelligence to confidently make your decisions
Simply put, we make the day to day easier by giving you current and clinically relevant insights, integrating ingested client data and SCIPHERaccess data, to guide your strategy.

Always up to date, always transparent
Analyses are constantly updated with the latest real-world data feeds, so your insights keep in step with real-world trends in real time. A custom documentation output facilitates easy review and modification.

How does SCIPHERaccess work?

Platform visuals are responsive and interactive, enabling on-the-fly interrogation of custom subpopulations. All analyses and patient cohorts are stored on a secure online portal, accessed through a web browser, allowing information to be shared within an organization with no restrictions. Users can access, integrate, and report data on their own, saving time, effort, and expense without depending on outside processes. No more waiting. No more stress from last minute, rush requests.

Why SCIPHERaccess?

The platform was developed to address key challenges in health care, including finding undiagnosed patients and identifying symptoms 3-5 years before diagnosis. Designed as a SaaS based web portal, SCIPHERaccess applies predictive analytics against the included US healthcare claims data sets, as well as customer ingested data assets.  Actionable business focused use cases are implemented via simple clicks to dive into patient characteristics and patient journey, as well as market sizing and trends.  The analyses culminate with our cornerstone machine learning algorithms to identify future patients, today.  SCIPHERaccess has completed trials with many leading life sciences companies over the past 6 months leading to a robust, intuitive, and fast platform to meet customers data analytic needs.

To learn more about the platform, request a demo by contacting Mark DelSesto at

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