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The Relentless Pursuit of Answers: Our Family’s Rare Disease Journey

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Jeff Hoffman, the Chief Development Officer/Partner of Havas Health and founder of HVH Patient Precision Analytics, shares his personal experience as the parent of a child with a rare disease.

Jeff’s journey offered insights that led to the formation of HVH Patient Precision Analytics. Read More >

Case Studies

Finding UNDIAGNOSED Patients, the new frontier In Market expansion

HVH Patient Precision Analytics offers a real-world, evidence-based approach that helped a biopharma company expand the market for its ultra-orphan disease therapy. See Case Study >

press release

HVH and Patient iP Team Up to Improve Clinical Trials

The partnership will improve clinical trial design, site selection, and patient enrollment. Read Press Release >

press release

HVH Announces Patient-Finding Technology

Finding aberrations and behavior patterns by sifting through big data is the core of our unique offering and how we are able to connect hard-to-diagnose patients with treatments and cures. Read Press Release >


HVH’s Methodology Validated in Peer Reviewed Journal

HVH’s predictive analysis was proven to find rare disease patients in a large and complex database that revealed insights into optimizing outcomes and costs when analyzed using our methodology. Read More >


HVH’s Patent-Pending, Predictive Modeling 3-Step Process

Our analytics process allows us to go back to the first point of patient healthcare interaction, giving you the ability to deeply understand where patients have been and predict where they will be. See Infographic >

Sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling can provide you with unique data and insights

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